4 results for day: 22/12/2016

Sony Centre Fury 62 v St Mirren 63

Cadet men National League Division 2 The Under 14 boys were in league action for the first time in a couple of weeks and eager to face Fury against whom they had an epic encounter on the first game of the season, winning by 2 points after a fantastic comeback.  Fury would doubtless be looking for revenge on their home ... More

Sony Centre Fury 66 v 88 St Mirren

Junior Men National League Division 1   ​St Mirren West College Scotland Junior Men made the journey to Falkirk for their final game of 2016 against 3rd place Falkirk Fury.   Both teams started hesitantly, missing their first few chances. Eden Duff was the first to score for Saints with a lay-up. For the remain... More

Sony Centre Fury 62 v 83 St Mirren

Cadet Men National League Division 1  A win in this game, the last before the Christmas break, would see the St Mirren West College Cadet Men maintain their unbeaten run of 13 games this season in the National League and Scottish Cup, and achieve an undefeated 2016 with a 100% run of 39 wins. Fury have posed the biggest ... More

Sony Centre Fury 92 v 84 St Mirren

Senior Men National League Division 1 Young point guard Fergus Harte in his first season in the league was promoted to the starting line up in an effort to change the Saints approach and move the scoring balance in the team.  Chris Barron and Scott Armstrong remained along with Dave Johnston and Craig Stamp.  The game got ... More