Sony Centre Fury 62 v 83 St Mirren

Cadet Men National League Division 1  A win in this game, the last before the Christmas break, would see the St Mirren West College Cadet Men maintain their unbeaten run of 13 games this season in the National League and Scottish Cup, and achieve an undefeated 2016 with a 100% run of 39 wins. Fury have posed the biggest threat to the ... More

Stirling Knights 66 v 95 St Mirren

Cadet Men Scottish Cup Semi Final Saints battle Knights to ride into the Scottish Cup final. The semi-final of the Scottish Cup saw St Mirren West College Scotland U16 Men playing Stirling Knights at the Peak Stirling, in a rematch of last week’s league game. After being put to the sword by Saints last week, the young Knights came ... More