Redefining the Culture of the Club

A 2nd of 3 meetings was held at the Lagoon at the weekend past with Guy Richardson from Eiger Performance meeting with some of the “key influencers” of the club looking at the values that matter most for Basketball Paisley.

After some words of wisdom from Guy, the team split into 2 and looked to individually draw up their own set of values.  After a debate on what mattered most to those in attendance, the groups came back together to find there were remarkable similarities in the values highlighted and the items that were debated in the groups.

The session ended with the following values defined and Guy advising the group to look at removing a couple of the items.  Focussing on a limited number of values will allow the club to live those values more than would be the case with an extended list.

That long list:

  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Enjoyment
  • Development / Opportunity
  • Friendship
  • Integrity
So if 2 or 3 values were to be dropped from the list – which should go?

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    Michael Wiszniewski
    19th October 2017 (4:28 am)

    Values are only values if they are lived and breathed by the organisation in everything they do. They must also be supported by mechanisms that allow these values to be displayed. Otherwise they are just words without deeds. I would suggest that the values overall need to be really looked at and whichever values Basketball Paisley feel are important in the longterm future of the club must come from those leading the club, but also that they put mechanisms in place to support these so that they are lived and breathed throughout the club from top to bottom. It is up to Basketball Paisley to make their own mind up about what values they believe In, but more importantly to display these values in everything they do so that they are not just empty words.

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      12th November 2017 (5:39 pm)

      Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment here. Words without deeds are no values at all.

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    19th October 2017 (8:51 am)

    I think the 2 that should be dropped are enjoyment & friendship. The enjoyment should come naturally anyway if its all done in the right way. The same with friendship, it happens naturally and shouldn’t be forced, and when friendship isn’t possible for whatever reason there should always be respect which is up there too.

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